Part shock-packed horror film, part madcap comedy, and part romantic road movie.

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Mr. WaF
This movie was incredibly over the top.  I absolutely loved how they (the production in it’s entirety) didn’t take themselves seriously.  The set out to make a B-movie.  Our hero is crazy… in love.  Ahhh!

Our protagonist’s sweetpea has been captured by the villain, who’s beant on world domination.  And he’s got a big cock, almost three feet long.  Don’t really need to say much more about that.  lol

Hilarity ensues as our hero, donning a costume made of human flesh, sets out to find his sweety.  There’re all kinds of memorable characters.  They really went all out with the witty dialogue and the way it’s delivered.  The first half of the movie is where all the nudity is.  Not much in the back half, save for the villain’s recently acquired sex slaves.  There’s plenty of gore, violence and special effects to keep the story pumpin’.  I stayed for the characters.  Well thought out and the dialogue was great.  Overall, a pretty good romantic tale.

I forgot to mention, rockabilly great, Hasil Adkins, makes a big appearance with a few songs and opinions of today’s youth.  Worth it’s weight in gold, even if you can’t stomach the gore.

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