Driven by biological excess, a young man and woman search for sexual fulfillment, unaware of each other’s existence. Unfortunately, they eventually meet, and the bonding of these two very unusual human beings ends in an explosive and ultimately over-the-top sexual experience, resulting in a truly god awful love story.

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Mr. WaF
The story begins with our starlet having a monologue with the camera.  She’s explains how she must be a new species.  It becomes apparent that she might actually be a new species in the following scene.  Her sex drive is out of control… literally.  She has hundreds of orgasms a day.  What, with having seven clitorises and all.  Well, she turns it into an artform as she “accidentally” murders all of her lovers in the throws of passion while photographing them.  She also explains how she doesn’t use birth control; she enjoys the feeling of child birth.  Which happens only two hours after conception.  The baby is born in only two hours and she discards it… usually in a dumpster.  She can’t be pleased and she accepts that fate…


The second part of the movie focuses on our beau.  He has struggled with erectile dysfunction and uses viagra.  That doesn’t work anymore so he started injecting steroids directly into his penis.  His penis grew to a larger than life size.  It even takes on a mind of it’s own and detaches itself from him and goes on a “fucking” spree around the neighborhood.  And, of course, all the houses he happens to go into are full of hot, totally nude babes.  He also hires a prostitute to help him with him… um, problem.  Thinking, you know, she’s a professional.  No luck.  He ends up giving her an orgasm that last hours.  He eventually dumps her body by the road as she won’t stop orgasming.

They come together in what would have been a “Match made in heaven.”  But this is a horror film, people.  I won’t spoil it… but they all die!  Oops, sorry.

The sex scenes are graphic, violent and often disturbing – with lot’s of nudity.  It’s funny, disturbing, full of nudity, gory and an overall pretty good time.  Watch it with the wife or girlfriend (or mistress), it’s pretty romantic; you’ll thank me later.

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Designer, engineer, producer; I haven't really decided yet. Maybe I'll keep it that way - it's much easier to be undecided any way. I love graphic design, writing, photography, video production, animation, playing guitar, singing, engineering and pretty much any other medium that allows me to express my self artistically/logically.

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