Malcolm McDowell portrays the infamous emperor who wielded godlike power over ancient Rome while at the same time sleeping with his sister (Teresa Ann Savoy). Helen Mirren, Peter O’Toole and John Gielgud co-star in this film produced by Penthouse Magazine editor Bob Guccione and written by Gore Vidal. Warning: This unrated edition contains explicit sex, nudity and violence as well as disturbing imagery.

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Mr. WaF
I bought this on BluRay due to the massive amounts of behind the scenes and interviews footage of the time along with commentary’s.  Understand that while this movie was Published by Penthouse, and it contains plenty of nudity, it is not a Porno.  It was only picked up by Penthouse because of the times.  Today, there’d be plenty of studios that would publish this film.

First, a little history lesson.  This movie is based loosely on Gaius’ perported reign of the Roman Empire.  His full name, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus – or simply Julius Caesar.  He got the nickname of Caligula, or caliga, which is latin for “little sandal”, by being at his father’s side Germanicus while in Germania.

Julius Caesar is known for many things.  But it would seem that his latter-years of his rule has bested the test of time.  Caesar is well known for his cruelty to his people, harsh standards of his military and mostly his perverse sexual appetite.

This film portrays young Caesar frolicking with his sister, in various sets of sexual escapades.  It blows over the great fact that he is now emperor – which I thought to be genius by the filmaker.  He never wanted anything more than to be an adolescent anyway.  Once he learns of his recent power, he uses it for his own perverse outings.

This movie contains lots of violence, perverse/disturbing sexual content, and plenty of memorable characters to entertain at your next Christmas party.  A nice addition to most DVD collections.  And for god’s sake, get the unrated version.  Why would you even consider watching a movie like this in the “edited” or “rated” version.  Watch the version that was intended to be viewed.

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