Chilean avant-garde filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky weaves a grotesque tale rich in allegory and sacrilegious imagery as a thief (Horácio Salinas) is first crucified, then enlisted by an alchemist (Jodorowsky) to join a group of elites who seek divinity and immortality. Juan Ferrara, Adriana Page, Richard Rutowski, Valerie Jodorowsky, Zamira Saunders and Ana De Sade also star in this surreal 1970s mind trip.

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Mr. WaF
Part shock, part variety show.  I’m going to let the pictures explain the extremely complex movie.  You can not put together enough words to give a proper description of the plot.

It would appear, until the last 45 minutes or so, that the movie has no purpose.  No real direction.  Just a series of random images.  You’d be wrong.  This is a complete work of art.  It’s very hard to grasp.  What you take from it might not be what I take from it.  Rather different approach for a movie.  The story is usually shoved down your throat.  Not so with Holy Mountain.

Disturbing is an inadequate word to describe the images in this movie.  Just understand that it’s long, disturbing, has lots of nudity with lots of sex, fecal scenes, animal cruelty, pedophilia, rape, incest… it’s all here.  This, because it’s such a great work of art, is a buy.  You will get plenty of views with this one.

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