Soon after he accidentally runs down a man with a fetish for implanting scrap metal into his body (Shinya Tsukamoto, who also directs), a businessman (Tomorowo Taguchi) begins eerily morphing into a hybrid man-machine, accompanied by twisted, metal-related nightmares. Is the metal fetishist somehow controlling the transformation? Now, the businessman must track down the man he thought he killed before the horrific metamorphosis is complete.

IMDb Page:

Mr. WaF
Japanese foreign films. Gotta love them! They have something that Hollywood has lost, originality. See, we’ve got it down to a science. Industry says, “Here’s you a template, now plug your plot points, story line and characters into this. Call me when you’re ready to shoot and I’ll send you over a multi-million-dollar crew. But not the Japanese. There now where we were in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s that raw storytelling that I crave. That, “Man I have never seen anything like that before,” that gets me hooked.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man is about a man who has a fetish for metal. There are many scenes that are about reality and fantasy as he goes in and out via dream sequences. That line is often blurred by the artistic nature of the storytelling. You often times find yourself wondering where in the the story are you. It’s hard to watch, and the payoff certainly isn’t that great, but the visuals are worth a nod for creativity.

There’s only brief nudity. The sexuality of this film, however, made up for the lack of visual proof. Plenty of scenes that all but spelled out what was going on out of frame.

So while it wasn’t a great time, it was unique and I applaud them for straying from cookie-cutter. Overall, this was a pass for me.

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