Naked aliens from Mars land on Earth and try to create a new species that is a cross between humans and vacuum cleaners. After mating with homeless man Vernon (Dick Monda), one vacuum becomes an unstoppable killer that strangles women and sucks their blood. Full of lowbrow humor, gross-out moments, silly special effects and plenty of violence, this low-budget film has gained notoriety as a cult classic.

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Mr. WaF
The movie starts out with some really, really bad claymation of some human-like aliens.  You can immediately tell what kind of movie this is going to be due to the comedy of this opening sequence.

The perceived male creatures have constant erections; while the females walk around topless, vaginas pulsating and all.  The funniest scene, for me, was when the male alien decides to climb the side of the vacuum cleaner.  He scales the side of the back and is having dificulty due to the size of his penis.  So funny.

Essentially, these are our creators.  They explain returning to earth to check up on their experiment.  Silly, so silly.

Another funny scene is when the vacuum breaks into the neighbor-girl’s house and rapes her.  The feigned fear, or lack of acting, was hilarious.  Watching her “run” away from iminent danger was classic B all the way.

All in all, this is a rent, for sure.  Don’t devote the time to it, however.  But if you have nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon, pick this flick up.

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