Though her beloved father is dead, Lindsay’s daddy issues are very much alive in this twisted tale of a young woman (Mary Wilcox) who haunts the funerals of strangers so she can seduce the corpses. But when Lindsay falls for a living man (Lyle Waggoner), she must fight her necrophiliac urges, despite her increasing involvement in a cadaver-loving cult. Love becomes a literal matter of life and death in this darkly erotic horror flick from 1973.

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Mr. WaF
Our little movie begins with our necrophiliac, also the protagonist of this movie, sitting at the back of the church during a funeral ceremony.  The processions end and people say their final goodbyes and eventually leave.  But not everyone.

Lindsay stays behind and kisses the man in the coffin.  But she’s not alone.  The funeral director witnesses this oddity but says nothing.  Only when she returns for second funeral does he have other plans for this girl.

To make a long story short.  She loves dead men.  It gets witnessed by the director.  He invites her to join his death cult.  She falls for a living man.  Her issues of intimacy with the living surface.  You find out that she had a weird relationship with her now dead father.  And how this might be the trigger for these “sexual” deviances.

In the end, this is an okay film.  REEAAALLLY slow.  You need a Redbull to finish this one.  But it came out of the 70’s.  Decade of creativity.  The decade of independents.  But, this is just a rent for me.

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