One of the most notorious films of the 1980s still terrifies. Serial killer Henry serves as mentor to dim-witted fellow killer Otis and as the object of his sister’s affections. Trouble is, Henry’s heart is too hard for friendship to penetrate. Disturbing, chilling and full of knockout power, this cult classic includes a half-hour interview with writer-director John McNaughton.

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Mr. WaF
If you like portrayals of serial killers, this entry from filmmaker John McNaughton will satisfy.  Henry, played by Michael Rooker, is phenomenal.  The police should keep a close eye on this guy.

The creepy parts weren’t the killings themselves, it was the ONE killing that did it for me.  The one where they video tape it.  And then his partner watches it over and over and over again.  That was really disturbing.  And the nonchalant way in which he would murder people was really believable.  He pulled it off beautifully.

And then there’s the connection with him not being able to be intimate with women that added a really nice layer to the drama of the film.  I won’t blow it for you as to WHY he has this problem; you find that out eventually.

For true horror fans, this one belongs in your libraries.  It’s a buy for me.

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