Ever since she was a young girl, Sandra Larson (Molly Parker) has been fascinated with the darkness of death, but when she takes a part-time job as an embalmer at a funeral parlor, her obsession consumes her every desire. As her boyfriend (Peter Outerbridge) struggles to relate to her new lifestyle and her love of the afterlife and the study of necrophilia, he jumps through hoops to prove he’ll do anything for love.

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Mr. WaF
Yet another chick who loves dead men.  I like it…

Kissed begins with Sandra as a young girl; you witness as she becomes increasingly fascinated with dead animals.  It doesn’t get weird until she takes her best friend into the woods, takes most of her clothes off and begins dancing with a dead rodent all the while rubbing it’s bloody carcass all over her body.  Needless to say, her little friend runs in terror.

The story cuts to her as a college student stroking a dead mouse and then smelling it in ecstasy.  But it’s not until she delivers flowers to a funeral home that she begins to take a fascination with human corpses.

She takes a liking to one in particular – a striking lad that has recently passed.  Her craze grows stronger the longer she is exposed to the corpses.  Each night she sneaks in to have sex with the bodies.

Another oddity is in the boyfriend.  She openly confesses her sins to him; he’s the opposite of disgusted.  You soon realize that he too has been fantasizing about having sex with a corpses.

Chaos ensues once she learns his true nature and the drama kicks into overdrive.  There’s nicely placed nudity; nothing absurd – as if you can get any more absurd than necrophilia.  It’s spot on.  The scenes are graphic enough to make you cringe, however.

This is a buy for me.  Those who are fascinated with the act of necrophilia will enjoy this film.  It belongs in a MoW’s collection.

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