Sexy Moonbeam Swiner (Terry Gibson) lives on a farm where there’s nothing to do except play with her pet piglet and roll in the hay with the local yokels. So when a traveling salesman (Peter James) comes to town, Moonbeam’s mother seizes the chance to marry the girl off. Of course, Mrs. Swiner (Gina Paluzzi) will have to sample his wares first. A voluptuous virgin and a hitchhiking hooker add to the fun in this 1970s sexploitation romp.

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Mr. WaF
Titties, titties, rednecks and titties.  That could almost be a country song.

I was delighted at the amount of gratuitous nudity in this movie.  As a matter of fact, I often felt that the subpar plot was just a vehicle to move from titty scene to titty scene.  The plot was riddled with holes and horrible acting.  The story was weak and obnoxious.  I could have written better in junio high.

With that said, there’s plenty of titties.  And not little titties either.  Most of the titties in Pigkeeper’s Daughter are massive.  And just to clue you into how many titties there were, I had to fastforward through most of the scenes.  Yes, Mr. WaF was tired of the titties.

So, if you like watching politically incorrect rednecks having their ways with young hotties willing to bare all in some country erotica doubling as softcore porn from the seventies then The Pigkeeper’s Daughter is for you.  This, this one’s just a rent.  You will not be able to take a second dose of all those titties after the first nipple injection.

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