After drug dealers rape and leave her for dead in the woods, beautiful door-to-door religious-tract peddler Catherine (Cheryl Lyone) trades in her prayers for a pump-action 12-gauge and sets out for payback against the men who attacked her. But once she gets a taste of holy vengeance, Catherine’s thirst for blood becomes insatiable. This over-the-top exploitation flick from director Joseph Guzman contains graphic images of sex and violence.

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Mr. WaF
Stand down “I Spit on Your Grave.”  You have nothing on “Run! Bitch Run!”

This movie starts out with a couple of naked Catholic school girls getting prepared to go out selling bibles.  They just happen by the wrong house at the wrong time.

They are raped, tortured, you name it.  There is plenty of nudity, violence, necrophilia and best of all, revenge.  Yes, just like I Spit on your Grave, she gets her revenge.  And this revenge makes that of ISOYG look like a Disney movie.

This one, boys and girls, belongs in your collection.  So buy it!

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