This gory, gleefully over-the-top revenge fantasy stars Rutger Hauer as the Hobo, a bum who rolls into town hoping to start over, only to find his adopted city saturated in violence and ruled by a vicious crime lord known as the Drake (Brian Downey). The Hobo’s answer? Pick up his handy pump-action scattergun and start laying waste to crooks, corrupt cops and every other lowlife who crosses his path.

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Mr. WaF
Like movies about revenge?  How about movies that show the underdog kicking some ass?  Or maybe you like some modern day simulation of bad 80’s movies.  Yeah!  That’s the ticket.

Hobo with a Gun is as much fun as you can have with the genre.  I mean that in a good way.  It’s hard to appreciate the absurdity until it’s over with and you begin to reflect on what you just saw.

Every single stereotype is covered in this movie.  So if you are a politically-correct nerd, don’t dare lay eyes on this film.  There’s very little nudity, but lots of gratuitous violence and gore.  My personal favorite was the bumper cars scene where they stick this guys head over the railing and two bumper cars make him into a sandwich – effectively splattering his brain matter all over the place.  And then the scene where the four naked girls are whipping a half-dead man hanging upside down as their leader talks to his other comrades.  Then the errogant leader of the pack finishes the poor man with a weapon made of hundreds of razor blades.  Yeah, it’s that type of movie.

This is a rent for me.  It’s a lot of fun, but the extras were far from where they should be for a movie like this.  Independents usually share with their fellow filmmakers.  And that’s why we buy their films.  These guys were greedy, so just rent it.

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