Farmer Pa Willard (Patrick Wright) worries about his son’s taste in females when he sees Junior (John Tull) gazing longingly at a cow named Sassy Sue, so he tries to tempt the boy with a series of human hotties in this 1970s exploitation flick. As Pa pursues his dreams of making it big as a moonshiner and outhouse toilet seat manufacturer, Junior acts out his animal urges with nubile neighbor Dolly Lee (future adult-film star Sharon Kelly).

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Mr. WaF
Titties, titties, rednecks and titties.  Wait, that’s how I opened for The Pigkeeper’s Daughter.  That’s because they are made by the same guys.  I don’t know if I can call this a true sequel or not.  The story is in the same area, same characters, etc; but different story.

This time, Mr. Swiner is trying to marry off his dim-witted son, Junior.  The movie starts out with Junior having sex with Sassy Sue, the family cow.  His father, Pa, strikes him down off the cow and instructs him to have his way with the neighbor girl instead.  Junior does as he’s told, but with his own twist.  He puts a bull’s bridle and harness on her, takes her from behind and makes her “moo” the entire session.  At times he instructs her to, “Come on now, moo louder!  Moo, bitch, moo!”  I laughed my ass off.

This movie is much funnier than The Pigkeeper’s Daughter.  Antics ensue as Pa attempts to generate wealth by selling toilet seats for outhouses.  He uses the rear-ends of his buxom nieces for the templates.  You soon realize that this movie’s purpose, just like in The Pigkeeper’s Daughter, is to show as much skin as possible.  And that they do.

I gave this movie a 5 out of 5 stars for it’s brilliant mixture of comedy and sex.  I can’t say if it’s a comedy with lots of nudity or a soft-core porno that’s funnier than shit.  I can’t say.  However you slice it, you will have a blast.  This is one film that will sit in my collection.  Junior is absolutely hilarious.  Pa is still the same dirty’ol man he was in the previous film.  Ma was a hoot in her outhouse scene.  And the girls are just as hot as ever.

This one, MoWs, belongs in your collections.  Buy it!

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