Mercilessly abused by her parents and routinely molested by a deranged priest, young Angela Aberdeen (Ameara Lavey) pledges her soul to Satan in exchange for his protection and help in exacting revenge on her tormentors. But soon Angela’s pact leads her down a sinister path overflowing with blood, guts, gore and vomit. This outrageously over-the-top gross-out film from director Lucifer Valentine contains graphic images of sex and violence.

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Mr. WaF
This movie is the quintessential Mr. WaF film.  To date, there is no single film that can top Slaughtered Vomit Dolls in my collection.  Think you’ve seen it all?  Wait til you’ve seen this before you make that call.

The movie opens to an overlay of a little girl, presumably our protagonist as a child, doing little girl things for the camera – laughing, playing, singing, etc.  There are inter-cuts of her older self being raped, abused, having sex, drugged-out; all the while, the director plays with our minds with disturbing audio.  They distort the little girls voice to resemble that of Satan.  They even play her backward and forward in weird contorted dances.  But that’s just the beginning.

The movie continues the gratuitous sex and violence.  And if you check out their website, you realize their on a mission to create yet another sub-genre of horror film.  Vomit.  Yes, there are probably hundreds of vomit scenes in this film.  And honestly, their pretty real.  There are no cuts.  Just one camera, one take, and one girl, vomiting for what seems an eternity.

There are brutal death scenes that will make your skin crawl.  There’s even a scene of a guy vomiting up what appears to be pieces of the man’s brain that he just murdered and eaten.  At one point during his vomiting spell, he grabs a cup, vomits into it, and to make him vomit even more, drinks it.  And yes, the vomiting continues.

You will never hear me say this on this website… but since I am human, I do have a heart.  DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM IF ANYTHING I’VE DESCRIBED HERE BOTHERS YOU.  If you’re like me, however, and love exploitation films, watch it.  You’ll love it.  This is a complete work of art.  Gruesome, yes, but a work of art none the less.  Don’t come with prejudice, you will not get it.  Leave your ideals of the girl at the door and come with an open mind.  Allow the filmmaker to tell you the story.  Don’t make one up yourself.  You will not get it if you do.  Trust me.  There’s seemingly zero plot, with even less dialogue.  Open mind.  Remember.

MoW’s, this one’s a buy, for sure.

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