In a plot to bait the sultry mythical snake-goddess Nagin (Mallika Sherawat) for her immortality-granting essence, American adventurer George States (Jeff Doucette) journeys to India and abducts her reptilian lover in this erotic horror film from director Jennifer Lynch. Nagin shape-shifts into a gorgeous woman and sets out to rescue her beloved. In her quest for vengeance, the serpent-lady seduces or swallows just about everything in her path.

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Mr. WaF
This movie, while it does have a decent plot with decent actors, and is a Bollywood (India) film, is all about the sensuality of a hot cobra-human hybrid.  The opening scene shows a mad scientist who has captured the girl’s lover in order to trap her.  She takes on human form to blend in with the natives.  And they give you plenty of the shedding of her skin in the beginning which is extremely sexual.  I loved it.  So sensual.  And, as if it couldn’t get anymore sexually charged, there’s a sex scene with a real cobra towards the end.

She spends the rest of the movie with a confused look on her face – she is a snake after all – in search of her mate.  She then meets up with the scientist and gets her revenge.  But not before many more sensual encounters followed by her eating her audience.  There’s even a completely sexual scene of her slithering up a light pole, completely nude.  Yeah, they went there.  Love every slithering minute of it.

This one’s a rent, my friends.  While it’s completely sexually charged, it doesn’t have a encore performance.

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