Upon taking her vows to become a nun, Sister Sarah is abused, brainwashed and drugged into submission by the corrupt clergy. On the verge of death from a lethal dose of drugs, Sister Sarah receives a message from GOD telling her to take vengeance on all those who did her wrong. Armed with God’s will and an arsenal of big guns, she dispenses Judgment Day on her former tormentors. When the church hires the merciless motorcycle gang the “Los Muertos” to track down and kill her.

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Mr. WaF
You immediately understand where this movie is going in the first scene.  They’re some biker thugs waiting in the desert for a bus full of nuns.  The priest sits smug as they approach.  The thugs gather the suitcases full of heroine, which the nuns make, butt naked, back at the church.  All hell breaks loose once they realize that one of the bags is missing.

We follow wayward nun Sister Sarah as she gets traded for sex, and kept in check by doses of heroine.  A witch doctor nurses her back to health.  She explains to him that God has spoken to her and that he has ordered her to slay all sinners.  Including the doctor who brought her back to life.

There’s much nudity.  It was almost as if they donned the seventies cut titles with a stripper dancing.  And god bless them for it.  The body count rises as our nun goes from slaying some bad mothers to lesbian-nun sex scenes and back again – over and over and over.

This one’s fast paced and chock full of blasphemy.  Not for the faint, or faith, of heart.  This one, MoW’s, is a buy.  They did an fabulous job of balancing all of the elements of a B movie.

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