Fleeing the wrath of man-eating vixens who’ve taken over the world, a ragtag caravan of refugees (Ben Sheppard, Maren McGuire, Jamison Challeen and Ileane Herrin) makes its way across the country to the relative safety of the West Coast. But en route, they’re attacked by unrelenting waves of starving strippers. If looks could kill … well, let’s just hope they can’t. Gilbert Gottfried and Daniel Baldwin co-star.

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Mr. WaF
Okay, so it resembles Zombieland with Woody Harrelson.  AND, it’s not THAT original.  And there isn’t much nudity, considering that it’s about strippers… who are zombies.  AND, the acting… so what if it’s horrible.  The writing?  Yeah, okay, it’s not very good either.  What do you want from me?

I could get over all of that.  I really could have.  I love B movies.  What I couldn’t get over, however, were the long, really long scenes.  That’s the rule of B that these filmakers broke.  You have to constantly fling material at the viewers.  The writing wasn’t good enough to sustain a five minute conversation of nothing.  It became obvious that it was filler.  They could have filled that up with more zombie-slashing scenes.

And what the hell gives with no nudity?  Okay, there’s a little.  But I expected bloody nipples to be flying everywhere in this movie.  Especially when he whips out a chainsaw and starts shredding.  Nothing.

So, SO, embarrassed for these guys.  They need to give this title back so that someone else can make it.  With more boobies this time.  Dead, rotting, blood-soaked boobies.  Maybe even some zombie on zombie action for some laughs.  Say, one stripper eating out another.  Because that’s what zombies do.

This one, MoW’s, is a pass.  If you’ve seen a zombie movie and a late night Cinemax movie, you’ve seen Stripperland.  There’s way too many movies to watch to waist you time with this one.

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