Gold fever infects Chile Verde, where hard-living cowboys and hot-blooded wenches all lust for wealth and each other. When gunfighter Abel and wanton singer Rosie meet up with saloon owner Marguerita, passion and greed turn the town upside down.

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Mr. WaF
Divine, Divine, Weird and Fabulous Divine. How can you NOT want to watch a movie about a drag queen, riding through the old west desert looking for work as a singer or a man who’ll have her?

Our movie begins with Rosie, played by Divine, riding a stubborn ass through the desert.  She strips naked for a swim to cool off and sees a cowboy on the bank.  She feigns fear and is irritated when he leaves without raping her.  His name – Able Wood.

Antics ensue as personalities grow and the plot thickens.  Come to find out, half the map to the gold was put on two women’s behinds; one on Rosie’s cheek and the other half on the bar wench’s cheek.  It’s the job of Able Wood to get these two rivaling women together long enough to find his treasure.

It’s a laugh a minute.  Great fun.  I give this one a 3 out of 5 stars only because of the lack of nudity.  Divine’s body double flashes some rather meaty melons for a split second, but other than that, nothing.  Could’ve been a 4 out of 5, easily.

This one… a rent.  Nothing to see after the first sitting.

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