Criticized for his daring eroticism and forays into the taboo, Polish director Walerian Borowczyk brings the controversially erotic tales of three women, each of whom exhibits an unusual sexual fetish that is bound up in depraved passion. One woman (Marina Pierro) is a lusty muse; another is intensely aroused by her pet bunny (Gaëlle Legrand); and the third (Pascale Christophe) is rescued, and ravished, by a dog.

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Mr. WaF
One of Walerian Borowczyk’s better works.  This DVD is comprised of three shorts.  We are going to skip over the first and third movies.  They aren’t WaF’y enough.  The second movie… quite a pleasure.

Our story begins with a young French girl frolicking with her pet rabbit. She’s wearing a shear sun dress that’s slipping off her milky skin.  In the distance her mother calls her for dinner.  You learn right away that the girl’s parents hate her; and you get the feeling that the rabbit is quite possibly her only friend.

After being kicked out of the kitchen, she heads back out to play with her rabbit.  She calls him Pinky.  Heavy dialogue with Pinky persists as she undresses and lays naked in the grass.  She positions the rabbit between her legs and allows the rabbit to perform cunnilingus on her.

She puts her buny back in it’s cage and heads to her room to clean up for dinner.  The parents grab the bunny and make some nice bunny stew.  They then serve it up to our sexually depraved girl as they laugh hysterically with every bite.  She soon catches on and takes a piece of her furry-lover’s carcass as a memento and puts it in a nice box by her bed.  But she’s still not satisfied.

She heads to the butcher shop where there’s a black man who molested her with every visit to their house.  She lets him have his way with her on top of a herd of lambs and leaves the slaughter area.  He looks down and sees all the blood (she’s a virgin), and rushes after her.  She faints due to seeing the blood just as he finds her.  He thinks she’s dead and attempts to hang himself.  She awakens just in time to save him, but she doesn’t.

She takes the butchers knife home where she slits her mother and father’s throats in their sleep.  The end.

Okay… so there’s three tales here.  The first is set during the days of Michelangelo (the famous sculptor).  The girl has a lover.  She leaves him, beds with a lonely artist.  Steals his money while bedding with the artist’s rival; and yes, takes his money as well.  Then returns to her original lover for an all out fuckfest with the coins and jewels collected.  Then the third movie is about the love of a dog and then being killed by the dog.  That’s it.

This one, is a definite rent.  If not just for the bestiality alone.  It’s pure art, as all of Walerian’s works are; but the subject matter is quite disturbing.

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