The first film in a notorious trilogy, Men Behind the Sun tells of a remote Japanese outpost used for human experimentation in the waning days of World War II. Hoping to turn the tide of the war, officers at Camp 731 create biological weapons and, in a series of horrific experiments, test them on prisoners. Hsu Gou, Andrew Yu and Gang Wang star in this shocking and gruesome Asian exploitation drama.

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Mr. WaF
I’m not going to review this film in the detail I usually bestow.  I feel that merely describing the images, without the context, would do an injustice to the point of the film.  War is a very scary, very real, experience.  Most of us never will, thankfully, understand the cruelties man is capable of when succumbed to real fear.

I will tell you that this film is based loosely on these “fears” in Japan during World War 2.  This is the lengths an army would go to not lose that war.  The “evils” they are capable of.  All justified as a vehicle for self preservation.

This film, MoW’s, is a buy.  It’s an extremely good story.

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