B00005OW3T.02.LZZZZZZZIn this erotic chiller set on the Portuguese island of Madeira, an undead countess drains the “life force” from men and women to ensure her survival. Meanwhile, she arouses the passion of a pensive poet — and the suspicions of the local coroner.

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Mr. WaF
Part Horror, part soft-core porn.  And would we have it any other way, MoW’s?

The movie begins in the early morning fog.  Emerging from the fog is our protagonist, Countess Irina Karlstein, played by the beautiful Lina Romay, naked – well, she’s wearing a cape and a belt.  The director ensures you know the purpose of the movie by fixing on her mouth and then panning the camera down, slowly to her huge, natural breasts and stopping on her very hairy vagina.

The movie works it’s way from sex scene to sex scene as she slays her victims.  For some flavor, there is a cop who chases her around, always too late to the party, of course.

My favorite scene in this movie, and of all vampire movies of this genre actually, is the scene where she slays the blonde.  She then masturbates with the still warm corpse’s hand and writhes around on the body in ecstasy.  I was in awe the entire scene.  Lina, we love you.

End of the day?  It’s a buy.  The shear acting during the erotic scenes alone were magnificent to say the least.  She really pulled it off.

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