Hello, MoW’s.  This is Mr. WaF.  Your neighborly connoisseur of the weird.  I have taken it upon myself to catalog all the oddest movies I can find, and share them with you.

Understand that this blog contains some pretty graphic and sometimes disturbing content.  There will also be nudity.  So if any of this offends you… GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

Please comment and rate the movies as you see fit; and don’t forget to share movies you find with the rest of us in the “Suggestions Box” page.


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  1. Lyn May says:

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from people who know of this blog and emails from passers-by. A lot of people are asking, “What makes a movie ‘Weird and Fabulous’?” It’s an honest question; and I’d be more than happy to shed some light as to how I choose what movies make the cut for this blog.

    First and foremost, I base all these movies off of entertainment value. Afterall, that’s the whole point of these types of movies. They are nothing like what you’d normally see in theaters or otherwise. And it’s nice to get “shocked” occasionally. And that entertainment value can come in the form of violence, gore, nudity, taboo’s, and/or black comedy – not necessarily in that order. To keep it simple, anything that goes against social/cultural norms.

    Second, I focus on the story and how it marries the elements from above. How is the story told with the story elements at the forefront?

    Third, I focus on shock-value. Is the movie disturbing? Is it over-the-top on gore? Is the nudity a little, weird? How do you define shock-value? That’s simple. When you watch something and it immediately forces you to turn you head slightly to the side and make that “Ooooh!” face. Or you get a queasy feeling on the inside from something that is usually considered taboo.

    Fourth I look at the personalities. I’m really big on memorable characters. Quentin Tarantino is big on character development. This doubles a movie’s production value, in my opinion.

    Fifth I look at the production value. I rank this last as most of these productions understand that they have one thing going for them, the content. Some directors are good at telling a story like M. Night Shiamylan. Some directors are good at the visuals/special effects like James Cameron. Other directors simply throw millions of dollars at a movie and the movie makes itself – Steven Spielberg (sorry Spielberg fans). So I don’t need big money. Actually, it sometimes adds to the comedic value if the prosthetics look ridiculous and I see a boom-mic flow in to frame occasionally.

    Well, this is the basics that help land a movie in my DVD collection. So thanks for the support and continue watching.

  2. pittman says:

    I just watched nude nuns with guns it is the most blastphamest pieceof shit movie I ever seen enjoy

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