I watch movies all the time; but there are way too many to keep up with.  If you have watched a movie that is both weird AND fabulous, let me know.  Add a comment below to share with other MoW’s.

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  1. Lotzulican says:

    Hey bubby,

    Thanks for the cameo on the human centipede, lol. The movie with the chinese whore torture is called Imprint and was part of a series of short movies called masters of horror. Another noteworthy masters of horror weirdity is Jennifer, check it out. I will send more as I find them or remember them.

  2. Lyn May says:

    Yes, thank you. Jennifer is quite disturbing. Especially when he starts having sex with her. It didn’t seem right at all… and I think that was the point. I watched this with Mrs. WaF a few months ago. Dario Argento has a few quite disturbing films.

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